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12 September 2012 @ 09:15 pm
All things come to an End  
It's time to really clean out my cosplay closet. So here's the deal:

• Everything is SUPER cheap and prices include Shipping if I am sending it somewhere in the United States.

• The point of selling things so cheap is because they're old costumes, they're not perfectly seamed or finished and some costumes have missing parts, but it would be a shame to throw them out, so hopefully if I sell them for a low price they will go to a new home and you can bring it back to life!

• I include as many notes as possible in the description of the item, but if you need more information, don't hesitate to message me.

Mikan 40$
Includes: hat, goggles, rollerblades, belt

More Images:¤t=Mikan1.jpg¤t=IMG_1425-1.jpg
*Rollerblades are a size 8, the wheels are dangerous to roll around in so I glued them down, they cannot spin. Price reduced to 25$ if Rollerblades not included

Kadaj 30$
Includes: outfit + belts

More Images:¤t=IMG_1436.jpg
*Lining not finished, Seams not finished

Edgeworth 30$
Includes: blazer, pants

More Images:¤t=IMG_1429.jpg
Blazer Shoulders: 15" Length: 26th
Pants Width: 15" Length: 21"
*Altered suit/ no lining

Ron DeLite: 50$
Includes: boots, coat, Pants

More Images:¤t=IMG_1428.jpg
Pants: Size 6
Coat: Shoulders 15.5" Length: 33" Boots: 8.5
*Price reduced to 40$ without boots.

Ciel Indian 60$
Includes top, bottom, sash, jewelry, Wig

More Images:

Mai 30$
Includes: Everything but shoes and wig.

More Images:
*Lining not complete, belt starting to Fray

Klan Klan: 40$
Includes: Coat, Leotard, Wig

More Images:

Noel School Outfit 30$
Includes: Skirt, Jacket, Tie¤t=IMG_1431.jpg
Shoulders: 14" Length: 28"
Waist: 16" Length: 10"
*Very ghetto zippers but not obstructive
*Small stain on front panel

FFX2 yuna 40$
Includes: arm warmers, half skirt, shorts, top

More Images:

Liz and Patty 15$ separate, 25$ together
Includes: Top, Tie, Pants¤t=IMG_1434.jpg
Shoulders: 13.5" Length 13.5"
Liz Pants: 15.5"
Patty Pants" 15"

Ravenclaw outfit 30$
Includes: Robes (w/ Patch), Skirt¤t=luna2.jpg¤t=IMG_1430.jpg
Shoulder: 16" Length: 51"
Skirt: 14.5" Length: 24.5"
*Seams/Lining not finished

Ritsu 50$
Includes: Top, Obi, Skirt¤t=IMG_1435.jpg¤t=kon1.jpg¤t=kon3.jpg¤t=kon2.jpg
Shoulders: 19" Length: 19"
Skirt: 14.5" Length: 16"
Obi: 13.75"

Please feel free to contact me here, by e-mail by my DA or Facebook, etc!